All meetings in March 2020 are cancelled in an effort to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority

Grant Application

"GAEDA is a visionary leader and catalyst to promote economic development
creating a better quality of life for Alexandria's citizens."
Funding Cycle 2 (April 15 - Jun 30th) is suspended until further notice.
The Application process can be started by clicking the "GAEDA Grant Application" below. Once the application has been submitted, supporting documentation may be delivered to the GAEDA office, 201 Johnston Street, Suite 601, Alexandria LA 71301, c/o Angela Varnado, Executive Administrator, emailed to Angela Varnado at, or faxed to Angela Varnado at (318) 625-7599. Applications without supporting documentation will not be considered!
Funding Cycle No. 1 is for Events occurring on or between January 1st through June 30th of the upcoming year. Applications must be submitted on or between October 15th through December 1st of the current year. 

Funding Cycle No. 2 is suspended until further notice.

If your event is expected to produce over 100 people and multiple room nights in the following year, please contact GAEDA at 318.880.0407 to discuss.

*Request for funding through a Cooperative Endeavor or an Intergovernmental  Agreement should be submitted by using the Grant Application!
GAEDA Grant Application
GAEDA Economic Impact Formula Sheet
GAEDA Grant Status Report
GAEDA Hotel Confirmation Form
*FUNDING CYCLES: GAEDA will distribute applications in two (2) funding cycles to organizations that express an interest in receiving funds.